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» Bay Digital, Serving the Graphic Arts Community for over 15 years


A wide knowledge base and years of technical experience and expertise ensures our customers the professional support needed in this growing and changing digital prepress environment.

From helping you select the best equipment to meet your needs, to installation, connectivity to the internet, training personnel, and providing maintenance and repair, our service is unbeatable.

We also provide networking, servers, and internet connectivity for other types of businesses to meet whatever application is needed.

At Bay Digital, we stay ahead of the changes taking place so that we can offer our customers the most current services in the latest and greatest technologies.

Call us today if you are looking for Digital Asset Management, Workflow Automation, Web to Print, Contract Proofing and more. Maybe you want to hear the reasons why Screen manufactures the best CTP hardware on the market today from the engineers point of view.

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Award winning solutions:

* Xinet is the dynamic digital asset management environment that dramatically streamlines the collection, access, production, distribution and archiving of graphic media for advertising, publishing and corporate communications.

* Archiware P5 Backup and Archive software stores your data in a platform-neutral format, allowing you to backup and restore data from and to any platform.

* Dalim Twist and Dialogue softproofing system leads in todays high demanding Automated Workflow Solutions for the prepress industry.  Twist Product Brochure.

* With Pageflex iWay, our Web-To-Print Solution, printers can offer their customers online portals, customized templates,variable data printing, online quotes, order placement and job tracking.

* Screen CTP devices and workflow solutions are number one in the world. Our factory trained engineers provide top of the line service and support.

* Pixfizz: Pixfizz Cloud-to-Print includes all the tools needed to target retail photo environments, yearbooks, licensed photography content, marketing campaigns and more. 

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