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» About Us

Bay Digital is in it's 17th year of supporting the Graphic Arts Industry with excellent support with 8 service engineers supporting all of the hardware and software in our portfolio. All of the software and hardware that we sell we also install and support ourselves, that way there is only one number to call after you purchase any hardware or software from us.

Mission Statement

At Bay Digital we are fully committed to giving our customers the best service and support possible. Our staff has many years of experience in the technical and digital side of the graphic arts industry which makes it possible for us to support a broad spectrum of hardware and software as explained on our Services Page.

  • As the needs of the Graphic Arts Industry changes, Bay Digital stays ahead of these changes so that we can provide our customers support on the latest technologies.

  • In addition to the graphic arts industry, Bay Digital provides services to other types of businesses. We do everything from connecting companies to the Internet to installing and setting up servers for a wide array of applications.

To summarize, if you need to purchase, have equipment installed or repaired, or anything in between, please contact us:

650-622-9034 Feedback Form