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» Dalim Automated Workflow and Softproofing Solutions

Dalim TWiST

DALiM TWiST is a fully-automated premedia job processing system, designed to streamline the creation of a wide variety of file types as well as automate your internal production workflow processes. The industry's first enterprise-level solution, DALiM TWiST is used by some of the industry's most successful companies in fields such as publishing, advertising, catalogues, retail, government, medical, premedia and all types of printing - inc. digital print, gravure, web and sheet-fed offset. When it comes to developing and managing your production workflows, nothing else comes close.


DALiM DiALOGUE is a revolutionary online softproofing server application that allows real-time, colour-accurate, collaborative access and annotation to original high-resolution data. A standalone system without ASP-type "click-charges" or monthly subscription fees, DALiM DiALOGUE brings affordable, real-time interactive project collaboration to the masses.


DALiM PRiNTEMPO is a unique JDF-based print production system designed for print and premedia companies, that uses a standard web browser as its interface. Driving and monitoring the up-to-the-minute status of print and premedia production both internally and externally, DALiM PRiNTEMPO streamlines inter-departmental communications, at the same time giving you the ability to offer a number of web-based services to your clients. By giving you the tools to anticipate production issues earlier than ever, as well as creating an innovative client communication process over an internet connection, DALiM PRiNTEMPO increases efficiency, lowers costs and maximises profits.


DALiM MiSTRAL is a uniquely powerful project management and job tracking system that allows everyone concerned with the production of a piece of print to have complete real-time visibility with every aspect of the job.  Clients, MIS, premedia and print professionals can log in to the system and see the exact status of every element.  DALiM MiSTRAL's award-winning JDF interoperability ensures seamless communication with a wide range of MIS, workflow, imposition, proofing and RIP applications, allowing print and premedia companies to offer a level of online customer services that cannot be beaten.
DALiM MISTRAL was created for one simple reason... "to close the Information Loop" within the graphic arts industry. It's a unique and innovative solution for the display, tracking and administration of entire print project environments.

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