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Alikeware provides customized solutions and services for organizations seeking to optimize production and improve their effectiveness with solutions that help companies maximize throughput, decrease cycle time, increase productivity, and manage costs.


Dalim is the developer of TWiST and DiALOGUE, our flagship automated workflow and softproofing system.


Screen is the largest manufacturer of direct to plate devices. Screen's Trueflow workflow system makes for a perfect front end system for the CTP devices.


Xinet WebNative Suite is the dynamic digital asset management environment that dramatically streamlines the collection, access, production, distribution and archiving of graphic media for advertising, publishing and corporate communications. This cross-platform system accelerates the creative and production workflow by breaking down barriers between staff, vendors and clients - providing powerful tools that can be used to automate notification, distribution and production.


Bitstream is the leader in web to print solutions. PageFlex and iWay are top of the line solutions for Printers to streamline order intake and production.