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Xitron Reseller

» Imagesetter/Platesetter RIP-Kits from Xitron

  • Superior RIP speed and features.
  • New ProofReady option allows same RIP to drive Proofer and Imagesetter.
  • ProofReady available for most popular Epson and HP printer models.
  • Based on ScriptWorks version 7 supports PostScript 3.
  • Preview pages before imaging.
  • Allows Re-combining of seperated jobs.
  • Now supports PDF ver. 1.6, perfect for PDF workflow environments.
  • Tiff/IT output option now available.
  • USB Support for Epson Printers (Mac Version).
  • Drivers for most popular imagesetters/platesetters.

Available for the following imagesetters/Platesetters:

Screen DT-R3075**
Screen DT-R3100**
Screen FT-R3035/3050**
Screen Katana 5040/5055**
Screen Tanto 5120**
Screen PT-R4000**
Screen PT-R8000**
Screen PT-R4100**
Screen PT-R8100**
Screen PT-R4300**
Screen PT-R8600**
Screen PT-R8800**


Agfa Accuset 800/1000/1200/1400/1500
Agfa SelectSet 5000/7000
Agfa Avantra 20/25/30/36/44

ECRM Imagesetters ECRM VR 30/36/45
ECRM VRL 36/45
ECRM All Mako Imagesetters
ECRM All Pelbox Imagesetters
ECRM Knockout 4550
ECRM Marlin Imagesetters

Call for additional imagesetters/platesetters

** Supported on Windows Platform only (2000/XP/2003)

(866) 622-9034 Request for info