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» Service & Repair

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  if you need to install or have trouble with:

General prepress equipment:

  • Processors
  • Cameras

Screen Equipment:

Screen Services Page

Workstations, Servers and Networking:

Hardware and Software:

  • All Apple System on the market (Any MacOS).
  • All PC Workstations on the market running any Windows OS version.
  • Server Operating Systems: MacOSX, Linux, Solaris and Microsoft.
  • Server to MacOSX software: Fullpress (Xinet)
  • Backup software and hardware in conjunction with the above Operating Systems. (Flashnet / Retrospect)
  • Any Raid System.

Network services:

  • Installation and configuration of network cards on any of the above systems.
  • Installation of network cabling.
  • Installation of network Switches.

Fuji equipment service:

  • Fuji Sumo Imagesetter: Installation, training & maintenance.
  • Fuji Javalin & Dart series direct to plate systems.

Agfa Imagesetters:

  • Installation, training and service on Accuset 800/1000/1500, SelectSet 5000/7000, Avantra 20/25/30/44 with a Viper/Taipan/Harlequin Rip.
  • Service & Maintenance contracts available.

Large size inktjet printers:

  • Installation and training on the Epson 4880, 7880 and 9880 inkjet printers with ORIS Color Tuner or GMG.

Internet Services:

  • Configure a whole network to be able to access the Internet. (We will contact the ISP and set it all up)
  • Configure each node to access the Internet over the network.
  • Install and configure Email/Web servers on Windows or UNIX.

Training Services:

  • Beginners and advanced training on MacOSX and Windows.

Consulting Services:

  • Provide consulting on any of the above described hardware and software.
  • Tailor any configuration so that it meets the Customers needs.
  • Web Site design and implementation. (With forms and CGI scripting).