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Your business has grown... maybe even gone global.... and with that success has come a mountain of work-in-progress digital assets. Files, logos, documents, artwork, images - massive amounts of electronic data that your content creators are working with each and every day. How do you facilitate collaboration between creators and reviewers? Is everyone using the most current version? How can
you manage and make the most of your assets? What is the best way to ensure everyone is following the right workflow to get the job done, and be efficient at the same time?
The answer is North Plains' Xinet solution.


North Plains Xinet is a server-based work-in-progress rich asset management system that facilitates seamless collaboration between staff, vendors and clients to accelerate creative and production workflows - however complex. Xinet is an out-of-the-box solution that is intuitive, invisible and easy to use. It automates key aspects of your workflow, and allows you to collect, search, manage and distribute assets of nearly all forms of traditional and digital content, both internally and externally. With Xinet, you get the most use out of the assets you already have. It's a system that creative and production professionals can bank on, and a centralized space where clients, vendors and in-house staff can go to review work and collaborate. Transparency throughout the software means that no one needs to know they're using Xinet, only that they're working more efficiently. With such seamless integration, it's the hub of the workflow in organizations around the world. Compare Xinet to any other asset management system. You'll find more versatile tools and functionality here than anywhere else.

Hundreds of features are built into North Plains Xinet to specifically enhance and expedite the design process and pre-media production. By understanding the imperatives that drive business, our DAM solution helps you:

* Streamline the creation, access, use distribution of assets and simplify global workflows 24/7
* Enhance multi-site collaboration between staff, vendors and clients with simultaneous, centralized access
* Promote efficiency with tools that support quality control and improved workflow- such as on-the-fly image repurposing
* Save time and increase accuracy with automated, metadata-driven workflow with seamless integration to Adobe Creative Suite

When you choose North Plains Xinet, you and your team are empowered with a set of tools and features that streamline the creation, management, access, distribution, and archiving of all your multimedia assets, whether you are a boutique business offering specialized, local services or you have offices all around the globe.

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