Sales, installation and support for Agfa Thermal platesetters

Service & Maintenance contracts available for parts & labor.

Email: contracts@baydigital.com

Please include your model and manufacturing year

Call: (650) 622-9034  Ext:4122

Acento E (Screen PT-R 4100)

Acento S (Screen PT-R 4300)

Acento IIE (Screen PT-R 4300E)

Acento IIS (Screen PT-R 4300S)

Avalon N8 10E (Screen 8300 E)

Avalon N8 10S (Screen 8300 S)

Avalon N8 20E (Screen 8600 E)

Avalon N8 20S/Sr (Screen 8600 S/Z)

Avalon N8 50E (Screen 8800 E)

Avalon N8 50S (Screen 8800 S)

Avalon N8 50XT (Screen 8800 Z)

Avalon N8 70XT (Screen 8800)

Avalon N16 Series (Screen Ultima 16000 Series)

Avalon N24 Series (Screen Ultima 24000 Series)

Avalon N36 Series (Screen Ultima 36000 Series)

Avalon N40 Series (Screen Ultima 40000 Series)

Avalon N48 Series (Screen Ultima 48000 Series)

Advantage N Avalon B8-24 S/XT

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