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Sales, installation, training, setup and integration for Windows 2012 Servers and Windows 7 Workstations.

Windows 2012 Servers are scalable, robust, cost effective and high-performance. Build, deploy, operate, and monitor applications on premises and in the cloud with secure access on the devices your company uses.


  • Take advantage of the cost savings of virtualization
  • Consolidate your servers as virtual machines on a single physical host
  • Run multiple operating systems in parallel, on a single server
  • Build scalable, high-performance, highly available storage solutions
  • Manage your network with the reliability and scalability of multiple servers
  • Automate your routine tasks
  • Ensure correct configuration
  • Manage across multiple servers through a single relevant dashboard
  • Define a user’s level of access to information and applications

Windows 7 Workstations are useful tools that provide performance and run demanding applications. They are the engines that get real work done. An interesting and a desirable solution.

Windows 7 Workstations

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